Thursday, June 3

Shhhh, Don't Tell Marq

Today was the first time I did the lower body workout with Marq, and, just between you and me, I’m not that sore. The first couple of times I did my cardio training (that blasted running thing) my body kind of freaked out about, you know, MOVING. But this old bod rebounded pretty quickly and since then, it hasn’t been that bad.

And the interesting thing is that I’m working out harder than I ever have. When I used to go to the gym a lot, I’d workout so hard sometimes that I’d be forced to use the handicap stalls in the restroom—I needed the handrails to sit down. So I know what a hard workout is. And Marq’s got me lifting heavier weights and doing more reps—to the point of muscle failure. Which for me sounds like, “Oh dear God, I can’t do it.”

To which Marq replies, “Uh huh, give me two more Dianna. You can do it.”

And I do. (He’s just so sweet I hate to disappoint him.)

So, I’m working hard and my body is tired, I feel that, but the soreness is minor.

Is it all the water? The vitamins? The fruits and vegetables? Is my body really healing itself faster than it ever has? Or am I just an awesome specimen of physical endurance?

I think probably the latter. Yeah, definitely that last thing.

I am stunned. I should be laid out on the floor, contemplating installing an elevator in my house, but I’m okay. Maybe Marq’s just not working me hard enough.

Let’s keep this on the down low. I got a good thing going here and I don’t want to ruin it.

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