Thursday, June 17

Control Issues

The debt crisis in Europe, the war in Iraq, the economic woes across America. Today’s headlines read like doomsday is coming. It’s enough to send this girl running for the hills, or, to the nearest Bruster’s for a large Brownie Blast. (With extra brownie, of course.)

I worry about all of those issues and their ramifications on my little life. For example, the debt crisis in Greece sent my 401k plummeting. The war in Iraq reminds me of my godson who recently joined the Navy and will one day be put in harm’s way. And the recession, well, that makes me question the validity of the phrase “financial security.” Is there really such a thing? Or is it just a myth?

Knowing that these things are out of my control doesn’t stop me from worrying about them. You see, I’m a worrier. I just am. Which is exactly why I should be meditating more. (I know, I KNOW!)

As I ruminated on these issues last night, a strange thought occurred to me. The one thing of late that I am in complete control of is this program. I determine what I eat, how often and when to exercise, and when to botch my next meditation session. I am, to a large extent, in charge of my physical health. That is a huge component of my life and I’m the leader, the CEO of Dianna’s body.

In a world where so much happens TO me, it’s nice to feel like I have some power over my life, control over SOMETHING.

The In8 program is not only feeding my inner control freak, the physical benefits are real. I feel better. I really do.

I’ve slept more soundly in the past few weeks than I have in years. Well, except for the day the stock market dropped 1,000 points, but other than that, my sleep’s been great.

My jeans are looser. What’s not to love about that!

And I can feel my body getting stronger. Once I recovered from that first incident of DOMS, the pain from the fitness regime has been mild. A few aches and sore muscles, but no more crawling down the hall. And I actually have muscles in my legs now. Ones that you can see.

So, D-Day might be coming. It’s possible that the financial markets will implode, upending my way of life. I can’t control that. But I can continue to make choices that make me feel good: drinking my water, eating nutrient rich foods, exercising, and trying to meditate. Because in the end, I don’t need much to be happy. I need my family, my dog, my health, and my espresso machine.

That’s all I need.

Except for electricity. Did I mention that? I need power for the espresso machine. 

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