Friday, September 16

Life Support, We All Need It to be Successful

A couple of studies were just released stating that commercial weight loss programs (like In8) were more successful at getting people to lose weight than simply following a doctor’s advice.
I hate to be flip, but, duh.
Doctors can’t mandate change. When’s the last time a doctor said, “You should quit smoking” and the patient responded, “Oh my God! That’s a great idea. I’ll quit now,” and it worked? If it was that simple we wouldn’t have obesity, addiction problems or a host of other lifestyle illnesses.
We know what we should be doing, the struggle is how to do it.
And primary care doctors are not really in a position to help us. They don’t have the time, or frankly the bedside manner, to assist someone through a lifestyle change.
That’s why commercial programs are better. When you’re trying to make a significant change in your life—quit smoking, lose weight, eat better, increase your physical activity—you need to be surrounded by people that are encouraging, informed and hold you accountable. It’s like boot camp or being in the trenches of war. You bond through adversity, celebrating successes, picking each other up after you fall down and providing encouragment when you need it most. A well-timed, "You can do this." or "I believe in you."goes a long way.
Everyone needs that kind of life support.

One of the key components of my success in the In8 program has been their personal trainer, Marq Mckenney. He has the unique gift of pushing me right to the edge of my abilities but never lets me fail. His constant support and encouragement have kept me motivated for over a year. I’ve never stuck with anything that long! Well, except my marriage, but that’s a legal contract so I’m not sure that counts.

Unfortunately for me and the other members of the In8 program, Marq is leaving us. With the impending addition of a baby boy, he’s accepted a position that will allow him to spend more time with his growing family. (I’ve told him how selfish that is but he’s steadfast on putting his family first.)

While I will miss him, I’m excited to welcome Will Parker, Marq’s replacement. Young and energetic, Will has already said he’s got plans for me. Something to do with kettlebells? (Dear God help me!)

To start things off right, I figure I’ll give Will a little hazing. After all, he’s got some big shoes to fill.

For my first trick, I’ve developed a list of exercises I’m incapable of doing. And by “incapable” I mean, “I hate them and would really prefer not to do them.” I’ll make something up for Will about why I can’t do these (sore shoulder, weak heart, bad hair day), but listed below are the real reasons I hate them.

Why I’m “incapable” of doing them

Jump squats
They make my heart beat faster than a hummingbird’s. I’m sure they’re a pre-cursor to a heart attack.

Ball pass
The constant contraction of my abdominal muscles causes them to seize up. That can’t be a good thing.

Reverse pull-up
These are just mean.

Fast feet
See excuse under “jump squats.”

I’ve had three children. You cannot make me jump up and down repeatedly without prior warning. And a trip to the bathroom.

Dear Will, my young apprentice, take note. You’ve got your hands full with me. I will test the boundaries of your supportiveness. Good luck.

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