Thursday, September 9

The Least of Multiple Evils

I’ve never experienced “runner’s high” or “cyclists’ euphoria.” (Okay, I made that last one up.) But my point is, I’ve never felt exhilarated with any form of cardio workout. I do it because I know I have to, not because I find ecstasy in the activity. I am always most thrilled when it’s over.

Not surprisingly, when my life gets hectic, my cardio workouts fall by the wayside. I maintain my healthy eating and strength training, but cardio, oh no, I don’t have time for that!

Now that school has started, I have no more excuses—at least not legitimate ones—for not doing my cardio training.

“You need to find an activity you enjoy, that way you’re less likely to skip it.” That’s the advice from fitness experts. Yeah, well, smarty pants fitness people, what if you don’t like ANY of that stuff. Then what?

They don't have an answer for me. 

So, I fall back on the advice of Robert, one of Michael’s previous bosses. Robert’s career advice to Michael was, “All work sucks. So find work that pays the most and sucks the least.”

I think that guy missed his calling as a motivational speaker.

Robert’s point is well taken though. For me, all cardio sucks, so I need to pick the one activity that sucks the least.

And the winner is….cycling. 

In the darkened room, I can sit down, close my eyes and get lost in the music. For some reason being able to shut my eyes is important. I’ve tried closing them while running on the treadmill, but things didn’t go well. Definitely don’t try it, unless you like the feeling of almost being catapulted into the wall behind you.

There is still no ecstasy in cycling, but for me, it sucks the least.

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