Wednesday, September 15

Hula Dancing. It's the Next Big Thing in Exercise.

Aloha from The Big Island of Hawaii!

Michael and I are enjoying a week-long vacation on The Big Island of Hawaii, and as expected, it's fabulous.

While I have yet to utilize the hotel's fitness center, I have been getting my NEAT on. (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis, a/k/a physical activity.) Between sailing, snorkeling, and a full day of hiking through Volcanoes National Park, I've dropped into bed at night happily, but totally exhausted.

And Michael has had a bit of an epiphany out here. My exercise-abhorring husband has finally found an activity that he enjoys. In terms of cardio training, hula dancing apparently sucks the least for him. (play the video below to see him in action.)

Now if I can only get American Family Fitness to offer a class...

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