Wednesday, May 19

The Conception

Hi, I’m Dianna and I’m on an 8-week quest toward a healthier life.


I’m a longtime friend and patient of Dr. Bryan Lowry, co-owner of The Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, Virginia. A fervent supporter of wellness initiatives, Dr. Lowry and his staff have launched the “In8” program. A comprehensive eight-week program designed to give you a jumpstart towards a better quality of life.

As a mother of three young children, I’m concerned about raising my kids with a healthy attitude toward food and fitness. A bit of a Nutrition Nazi already, I have strict guidelines about what my family is allowed to eat (lean meat, yogurt, fruit, veggies etc.) and what they are not (soda, chips, junk food etc.)

“So what can I learn from this program?” I asked Dr. Lowry. “I’m already on top of it.” Or so I think.

“You can take it to the next level, Dianna,” was Dr. Lowry’s response to me. “You will learn how the body really works, the science behind healthy eating and exercise, and I’m telling you, it’ll change your life.”

Thus, The Wellness Project was born.

I’m entering the In8 program and chronicling my experience. No restrictions. No constraints. Just telling it like it is.

My goal with this blog is to bring you along my journey as I discover what wellness means, what the In8 program is all about, and most importantly, have some fun along the way. Because, I like to laugh. A lot. And most of all, I like to make fun of myself. You’ll discover shortly that I’m kind of weird, and I know it, so I’ve got a lot of material to pull from. By keeping things light and interjecting some humor into a serious topic, I hope to raise awareness about how to change your life for the better.

So, here I go. Eight weeks to a better me. Bring it.


  1. Notice that her husband is not doing this. I'm on a different program, it's called InCouch. My goal is to gain all the weight my wife loses. Between the couch and Taco Bell - I'm feeling optimistic.

  2. I have done the In8 program and am now on the "follow up" program and I have to tell you that your blog has made it even MORE worthwhile. Laughter is truly the best medicine and you are one funny lady. Thanks! Can't wait to see what your take on next week is!