Thursday, January 5

Miss It's-All-About-Me

Last week as my 8:15am cycling class was ending, a woman began chatting with the instructor lamenting about the “newbies” that would invade her gym the first week of January.

“I hate this time of year,” she moaned. “Hordes of people join the gym, crowd up the place, get in my way and worst of all, they take my bike. It’d be great if I could reserve this specific bike. I mean, I’ve been her since July and I’ll still be here long after all the newbies give up.” She finished her little speech with a giggle.

No one else was laughing.

The instructor, ever so gently, reminded Miss It’s-All-About-Me that we should be supportive of the newbies. “They’re doing the right thing,” the instructor said. “Trying to change their health and their life. I think it’s great.”

Realizing that no one else in the room was a Cyborg and that we all actually have a heart  and compassion, Miss It’s-All-About-Me began to backtrack. “Yes, of course. And I’m happy for them. They are doing the right thing.”

What a narcissistic wench.

On the bright side, I just found my new favorite spot in cycling class. I plan on getting to class early each day and sit on Miss It’s-All-About-Me’s favorite bike. And then I’ll hum softly, “na-nana-nana-na.” To further annoy her, I’ll ask her for help getting set up and pepper my conversation with the phrase, “I’m new here.”

I am giddy with excitement. Thank you, Miss It’s-All-About-Me, you’ve made my day. Unfortunately for you, your days are going to get a lot worse.

If you’ve recently joined a gym don’t let these cranks bring you down or discourage you. Like a lot of folks, my first gym membership started in January too. It IS a step in the right direction, so good for you.

To complement your new exercise regime, you might be interested in the latest research from US News and World Report, they just released their rankings of the best overall diet programs. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) diet, which is the foundation of the In8 program, was ranked #2 overall by a panel of experts.

Well, I could’ve told them that. Although I take exception to the word "diet." That word has a lot of negative connotations—visions of hunger pangs and nibbling on celery and carrots for example. The TLC program isn't like that. It's really a retraining program. Educating you on the impact processed food has on your body and teaching you about better choices. Take bread for example, you can have it, just make it whole grain. Want something sweet? Try chocolate dipped strawberries.

The article (found here) details all the diets that were analyzed and what the experts liked and disliked about them.

With any diet program the key is to find something that works for you, something that you can maintain. That's what makes it successful.

Good luck on your health goals for 2012 and I'll see you at the gym! I'll be the one with the big smile on my face sitting in Miss It’s-All-About-Me's seat. 

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