Thursday, May 5

When Technology is Your Friend

First, a confession. I'm not that technologically savvy. I'm kind of a technology dinosaur.

I mean, I can Google with the best of them, I understand which of the three remotes I need to use to turn on the TV and I adore my iPhone. But I don't seek out technology solutions for help with daily problems.

This is in sharp contrast to my husband Michael, who thinks technology can solve everything. Not surprisingly he's downloaded a bazillion apps for his iPhone. For example, he's got GPS, games, an electronic personal assistant called Siri, weather information, traffic updates, and God help me, fart noises.

He joyfully loads all these onto my phone saying, "Di, look at this, it's so cool. You can ... (blah, blah blah)..."

I nod politely, take my phone, and continue to use it for its terribly old-fashioned purpose, to make phone calls.

However, (big pause) ...

I recently wrote an article for The Health Journal on health and nutrition apps for the iPhone and I gotta say, I'm coming over to Michael's point of view. These fitness and nutrition apps are really cool and having them available on my phone is paradise. I especially like the Restaurant Nutrition app, Fooducate, and LoseIt!

Check out the article here for the full write-up.

I might be slowly crossing over to Michael's side, but I'll still pass on the fart noises.

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