Friday, April 8

Panera Bread, The Solution for Picky Eaters?

We did something last night that we rarely do—we went out for dinner as a family.

I know, crazy right? We're this odd American family that eats at home 99 percent of the time. But now that my kids are getting older we've entered the phase of life where sports practices happen in the evenings, making meal planning a challenge. This was the first week of spring practices and it caught me a bit off-guard.

Our dinner choices were to either split three old meatballs, a moldy salad and some apples or dine out. Michael and the kids quickly chose the latter option, even after I suggested freshening up the meatballs with some parmesan cheese. What's wrong with them?

Since I'm a nutrition Nazi, I proposed Panera Bread, specifically to force Janelle, my eight-year-old I-only-eat-white-food child to try some new things.

Glancing at Panera Bread's menu guess what I saw? They have calorie information for every item on the menu. Right there. In black and white. Well, kind of beige and cream really, but there it is. They are way ahead of game and already in compliance with any FDA ruling about menu labeling. (See my previous post for more information on this.)

But that's not even what I'm really excited about. After Janelle finished her grilled cheese sandwich and yogurt (I know, not a huge stretch for her) she asked for a bite of Grant's tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich. And she loved it! She even tried my creamy tomato soup and loved that too!

I almost cried. She ate tomatoes and basil—red and green food. Hallelujah!!

Maybe she's not a lost cause. Maybe, just maybe, if I keep putting healthy food in front of her she'll actually eat it?

The Mayo Clinic says that's a good plan. One of their tips for dealing with this troublesome bunch is to keep the healthy food coming. Eventually they'll give it a try.

If you've got a picky eater too, click here to view the Mayo Clinic's top ten list for dealing with them. And be strong. One of my greatest assets is my stubbornness, something Janelle doesn't appreciate, but I refuse to give in when it comes to her health.

Broccoli here we come!

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