Friday, October 29

How to Survive Halloween

Candy's lining the grocery store aisles. Your kids are bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Sunday's booty. How are you supposed to make it through the next couple of weeks without ingesting ten pounds of chocolate? Here are my tips for surviving Halloween.

1. Buy candy you don’t like. 

Why torture yourself with bowls full of your favorite confection lying around? Do you hate Skittles? Perfect, throw a bag in your grocery cart. Are you as repulsed by candy corn as I am? Fabulous, buy a bag. No, make that two.

2. Don’t buy enough candy to feed a third-world country. 

The goal is to run out, not have bags of candy you hate lying around the house. Here’s a trick I use to decide how much to buy. Put the amount of candy you think you need into your shopping cart, then put half of it back. Works every time.

3. Throw it out. 

Separate your kids candy into three piles. Stuff they don’t like, stuff that looks suspicious, stuff they want to keep. Throw out the stuff they don’t like and anything that looks suspicious. Set a deadline for throwing any leftovers out. (You might want to keep this secret from your kids, else they'll try and wolf down their stash before the deadline.) My neighbor uses Thanksgiving as a trigger. Whatever's not eaten by then goes in the trash.

4. Save the pure chocolate bars for baking. 

I pull out all the Hershey’s chocolate bars and Kisses and put them in the pantry. You can cut them up and use them as chocolate chips in any baking recipe.

5. Know your limits.

My rule for my kids is two small pieces of candy a night (e.g., two Hershey's Kisses) or one big piece (e.g., a regular twin pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). And I indulge a little too, because let's face it, candy's good stuff and abstinence doesn't work. It just makes you want it more. So splurge a little, but set your limit and stick to it. 

6. Give it away. 

Can’t keep your hands out of the candy bowl? Transfer your temptation to work. Place a bowl in the break room or conference room and watch the contents disappear. I know, this is horrible of me, causing my fellow humans to overindulge. But, that’s their problem. I’m trying to control my inner candy monster, they’re in charge of their own.

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