Monday, August 16

The Key to Staying Motivated: A Hot Fitness Instructor

Yesterday I missed my morning workout with my girlfriend. Not a good thing for me since the buddy system is very effective at getting me to the gym. Undeterred I dragged my tired self to the 5:00 pm cycle class.

To my delight, walking in to class I spied with my little eye, a handsome, swarthy cycling instructor. Well, well, well, I thought to myself. Where have you been hiding all this time?

Not wanting to gawk, I quickly walked to the back of the class and set up my bike. Once seated and peddling, I was free to stare unabashedly. He was the instructor for Pete’s sake, I HAD to look at him.

He wore a black sports t-shirt with matching black bike shorts, which set off his jet-black hair perfectly. His bright smile was in stark contrast to the rest of him, lighting up his face like a supernova. (pause here for a dreamy sigh...ahhhh)

For me, he will forever be, The Man in Black.

In a quiet, confident tone, The Man in Black urged us to peddle faster. The class obliged, peddling furiously to maintain the pace he set.

“You’re doing amazing,” he called out. And I’m sure he was looking at me—just me—when he said it. Because I WAS doing amazing. I was peddling hard and pushing myself to keep up.

Never mind the fact that the lights were dimmed so low I could barely see his face. I’m sure he noticed me, even in the low lighting. How could he not? The Man in Black probably has excellent night vision, like a cat, as well as tight biceps and some sweet looking legs.

“Great job. You can do it,” he called out. There he was, talking to me again, urging me to try harder.

And I did.

Forty-five exhausting minutes later, I exited the room. “Thanks for coming,” The Man in Black said directly to me.

“Sure. Thanks.” I offered, not looking at him. You know, ‘cuz I wanted to be cool and not act like a giddy school girl.

Instead, being the mature adult that I am, I went home and cyber-stalked him. I looked online at the cycling schedule to see what days he teaches. Too bad it’s only once a week. It’d be way easier to reach my fitness goals if he was there more often.

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